Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Richard Castaldo's Resume

Richard Castaldo

Email: Trip6917@aol.com

Career Objective:
To secure an internship as an audio engineer within the video game industry.

-Audio Engineer with real world experience
-Acccomplished musician, songwriter and composer
-Dedicated gamer (since a young age)

Professional Resume - Audio Engineer:
Album: Waterborne (Zebra Junction). February-April 2005
-Recorded and engineered album.
-Album was relased July 2005
-Recorded at an internal studio using Sonar technology.
-Experience working with mixing and various effects, as well as working directly with musicians.

Demo Album: Danger Girl (Danger Girl). Summer of 2004
-Recorded and engineered album
-Played Bass and backup vocals.
Single: Tiny Martians (Primitive Rocket Car). May-June 2005
-Recorded, Produced and engineered single.
-Played multiple instruments including: Bass guitar, keyboard and synthetic percussion.

Professional Resume Ð Musician, Songwriter and Composer:
2004 Ð present: The Richard Castaldo Project , Primitive Rocket Car. Play keyboards, bass, percusssion and saxophone. The single is available to hear at the My Space web site,
November 2003 Ð August 2005: Bass player for Danger Girl, a local band that played regularly at music venue bars in Denver. Most of the demo is available at http://www.dangergirlmusic.com/.
Fall 2002: Soundtrack for The PeaceJam Documentary, released Spring 2003. Three compositions were included in film. In addition to music composition, served as a studio musician during production.
December 2003: Single, Maintained Insanity, was included in this monthÕs issue of Rebelion Magazine (published in Denver, CO).
Februruy-April 2005: Waterborne, supplemental musician on 3 tracks

Professional Resume Ð Movies:
Two movie features including: Bowling for Columbine, released in October 2002 and The PeaceJam Documentary, released in Spring 2003.

Professional Resume Ð Writing:
ÒRandom ThoughtsÓ Rebelion Magazine, November 2001.

Certification for Audio Engineering; FTM Studios, 1111 S. Pierce St., Lakewood, CO 80232. (January 2003)
Fifty hours toward a Business Degree; Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denver, CO 80217. (September 2003 Ð December 2004)

Other experience:
Extensive musical background as a listener and a musician since age 13. Accomplished gamer since age 10.
van Suvanjieff, Executive Director, PeaceJam Foundation. 5605 Yukon Street, Arvada, CO 80002. 303-455-2099. Email: ivan@peacejam.org

Michelle Poley, National Speaker and Author (Business Communication), 7550 S. Blackhawk Street #7301, Englewood, CO 80112. 720-495-0844. Email: michfpoley@aol.com

Shawn Palmer, Professional musician/music teacher, 303-794-2537. Email: zebra_junction@hotmail.com


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Blogger Midnightly Coder said...

Good luck dude. I got lucky and got a job creaiting a package of computer card game.s

I'm sure you will be able to do the same. I'll add more words of advice that I have (We're around same age, 23).


Good luck man! hope to hear from ya

1:59 AM  
Blogger Midnightly Coder said...

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1:59 AM  
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Blogger Margot said...

What an old blog, you'll probably never read it again, and i'm here just because an odd curiosity I barely understand...
I guess i'm not the only one.
Good luck with the music(what a beautiful language).

10:20 PM  
Blogger Batsheva said...

You need to update this and delete the spam comment at the top. No one will take it seriously if it looks like you haven't done anything since 2005, and it does sound like you would be great for the kind of work you're looking for. So hurry up and update.

7:07 PM  
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